The awareness of environmental sustainability in industrial processes and products has become essential today. With this new awareness, many manufacturers are now trying to replace traditional raw materials with others that have a lower environmental impact.

The aim of our research centre is to offer support to all those manufacturers who want to test the properties of equivalent products made from sustainable raw materials.

What we offer:

  • Research and development of innovative methods on the application and utilization of recycled wood and vegetable fibre: analysis, tests and trials for the classification and initial transformation of the raw material
  • Research and development of technological solutions for the production process: the service is essential for developing technological solutions, approaches and methods for new production processes and hence the feasibility of implementing such solutions in an economic and green industrial process
  • Research and development of technological solutions for quality control with 4.0 industrial technology: the strong drive to use recycled material or material from production waste is sometimes thwarted by the quality of the raw material which often turns out to be unusable because it is contaminated with other substances. Controlling the quality at the infeed to the production process and the finished product is of the utmost importance to ensure that there are no foreign contaminants in the process.