Research centre

The research centre is located in San Damaso (MO)

IMAL 2 houses the electronic research laboratory where specific tests are carried out on products produced from vegetable fibre such as quality control, high frequency dielectric measurements (up to 50Ghz) and definition of the technological characteristics.

IMAL 6 is used for manufacturing products from vegetable fibres, it has a fully operational line for experimenting the industrial production of any kind of product made from vegetable fibre, using a mix of materials and technologies

How do you apply for these services?
A form is to be filled in to book the services required. Register at the reception in the main IMAL Srl office building in Via R. Carriera n° 63
Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 18:00

Which tests?

  • test on materials upstream of the work process and glue mixes <link>
  • on line test during the production process <link>
  • test on the conditions for the production process (e.g. air ventilation, flow measurements) <link>
  • test on the finished product <link>
  • production simulation test <link>

* test time and prices indicated are to be taken as a guideline only. Refer to the information or quotation received. The duration refers to the minimum amount of time required for the test. To request information or to receive a quotation, use the form at this link

** timing refers to the minimum duration.

*** for services to the companies of the Group, discounted rates are provided aimed at covering direct costs, in line with the Group’s policy.