The Group

The IMALPAL Lab research centre is a business unit of the IMALPAL Group.

The IMALPAL Group is formed from the union of three major corporations, IMAL, PAL and GLOBUS, three well familiar names in engineering, machinery and plants for the wood-based panel and recycling industries for over 50 years, and renowned worldwide for their long experience in the design and construction of complete plants and machinery to convert and transform raw wood-based materials and all kinds of waste in general into new ecological and eco-sustainable finished products. PSP, PMI and ITALSORT joined the group respectively in 2015, 2017 and 2020, completing the range of products.

One of the keys to the Group’s success is the major investment made in R&D. This department, in the specially dedicated R&D facility and run by a team of highly-qualified engineers with great inventive capacity, is constantly at work to design innovations for both existing and future projects.

Initially the research centre was set up to run in-house tests, but with the vast experience developed over the years and the know-how acquired by our technicians, the centre rapidly became a reference point for customers as well.
Hence the decision to turn it formally into a Research Centre and for it to be acknowledged in future amongst the high tech laboratories of the Emilia Romagna Region.

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